Discover the secret to the missing link in weight loss


How long have you spent searching for the magic pill when it comes to weight loss? And how much money you have spent on miracle products which promise to make the weight drop off overnight – or at least make losing weight not seem so hard?

We seem to be on the hunt for ways to cheat the diets. It’s no wonder people lose weight and put it straight back on again. The simple fact is eating the right things WILL help you lose the weight naturally! without calorie counting and have you wanting to eat more of the foods your body loves and will AND stop you seeking solace in a bag of Haribos.

The missing ingredient in losing weight is mindset and self care.  This is the real ‘secret sauce’ for losing weight, and here’s why:

  • your relationship with food is where the real stuff happens for weight loss
  • you need to rewire your food brain, because emotional eating or binge eating are major causes of diet failure
  • getting to the root cause of your weight loss problem, allows you to move forward

With changes to your mindset – your relationship with food, rewiring your brain and digging into the root problems you will stop defaulting to old comfortable patterns and make new eating patterns which allow you to shrug the weight like an old blanket!

You will feel trust yourself again, feel attractive again, comfortable within your own skin

Book your free health and weight loss consultation worth £45


This is an amazing chat/exploratory session where you gain the following benefits:


  1. Leave you feeling excited about your health and weight 
  2. Bring you peace of mind about the road going forward
  3. Will leave you feeling calm inside as you are not alone in your journey to good health

Why you need a health and weight loss coach?



Most diets fail because we don't change out inner dialogue and our emotional drivers. Although our reasons for wanting to lose weight may vary, at the heart of it we are all the same: We want to feel healthy, attractive and have the freedom to our live's life to the fullest.

Setting weekly action plans and agreeing the steps you will take with your weight loss coach will keep you moving forward. Your weight loss coach will help you overcome those barriers and limiting beliefs, keeping you focussed and motivated to get through each week. With a weight loss coach you will find the whole journey of weight loss and gaining health an enjoyable, relaxed, stress free experience.

 Waking up every morning with energy…


Are you frustrated and intimidated by all the the weight loss noise out there? Do you need a weight loss coach?

I am a health and weight loss coach and I will support you through bespoke programmes which fit into your life. We are all unique, each with our own story. The Health Nut programmes use scientifically proven methods, endorsed by Patrick Holford, tailor-made for you.

Together we look at all the obstacles and barriers which have previously prevented you from achieving weight loss and a healthy life. We create new habits which help keep you healthy and get you the sustainable results you want and deserve.

The Health Nut – Amanda, your health and weight loss coach.

 Health and Weight loss coach

My clients are amazed with their results

My health journey started out just before Christmas, I was overweight, suffering from indigestion after every meal, stressed and tired during the work week and not having much willingness to do much exercise on weekends…
When I met Amanda I was in a bit of a rut health wise. I knew that I needed to do something about my diet and exercise, but lacked the motivation. It took my husband having a bit of a health scare for us to collectively seek some support…
I have been working a desk based job for 13 years. I have not had a regular work schedule over that time. Whilst I have played the odd cricket match and had spurts of doing the “gym thing” I have not undertaken regular exercise for extended periods of time over this period…