Amanda Higgins

Health and Weight Loss Coach and Professional Chef


Zest4Life Health Coach
Qualified chef – Professional Culinary Diploma (Ashburton Cookery School)
Bachelor of Primary Education (Rhodes University – South Africa)

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This is an amazing chat/exploratory session where you gain the following benefits:


  1. Leave you feeling excited about your health and weight 
  2. Bring you peace of mind about the road going forward
  3. Will leave you feeling calm inside as you are not alone in your journey to good health

Why you need a health and weight loss coach?



Most diets fail because we don't change out inner dialogue and our emotional drivers. Although our reasons for wanting to lose weight may vary, at the heart of it we are all the same: We want to feel healthy, attractive and have the freedom to our live's life to the fullest.

Setting weekly action plans and agreeing the steps you will take with your weight loss coach will keep you moving forward. Your weight loss coach will help you overcome those barriers and limiting beliefs, keeping you focussed and motivated to get through each week. With a weight loss coach you will find the whole journey of weight loss and gaining health an enjoyable, relaxed, stress free experience.

Amanda Higgins

I was born and raised in South Africa. My husband and I spent 15 years living and working around the world while we raised our three children. This enabled me to have an amazing insight into how people live and survive. Throughout my travels, my passion for food held centre stage. I loved learning and absorbing the best each country had to offer and how different cultures used food to heal and thrive.

I am a certified health and wellness coach, professional chef and hold an honours degree in teaching; I am a food photographer and recipe developer and generally passionate about all things food. These tools have enabled me to teach and educate people around the world about the importance of food and good health.

I love working with women who have hit rock bottom in their health and lives, and want to change. My own health journey has taught me some very important lessons. This unique formula could be yours too, giving you the tools to lead a full and healthy energised life.  I specialise in weight loss in women over 40. Contact me for more information.

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