What is the most effective in healthy weight loss?

The ideal is to try and create a process in the body where we burn fat and detoxify the cells. How do we do this in a healthy, uncomplicated and easy way?

The secret is balance!


To create a sense of balance in the body we need to work with its natural rhythms and natural designs.  Your body needs energy to function and that energy is attained from glucose, which is broken down and transported to every cell in the body by the blood. Each and every cell uses the energy to perform the tasks it needs to keep you alive.

 So picture this: too much glucose in the blood creates a gridlock situation in your vital highways. A typical western diet involves the consumption of way too much refined carbohydrates and all carbohydrates break down into glucose. Our cells only need a certain amount of the energy/glucose we are consuming, so our bodies have to do something with the rest. This excess glucose is stored as fat, and usually not where we want it to go ie the tummy, around the liver, the thighs etc…

 In summary, we have lost control over our blood sugar levels. This leads to a constant craving for more food and more often then not that food is high in glucose/ carbohydrate.

 Balance is when we have a constant supply of energy by eating foods which break down slowly in our digestive system. This prevents cravings and a more balanced appetite. When your blood sugar levels are too high you will lay down fat and when they are too low you will feel tired and lethargic.

 So the answer is to healthy weightless is balance…The best way to be healthy, have a lots of energy and be the correct weight for you, is to have blood sugar control. By having this control you will find your body has the ability to burn fat.  The more your blood sugar goes up and then crashes down, the more fat you will store!!




3 key rules:

Eat regularly – preferably 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday.

Always eat protein at every meal/snack ( this does not mean a big juicy steak! Chickpeas, eggs, legumes and nuts are good proteins as well)

Be very selective about the amount and type of starchy carbohydrate you consume


The Health Nut – Amanda Higgins