What does a health coach do?

A health coach is known as a ‘Behaviour Ninja.’ What does this mean and how is this important for us?

Behaviour change

When we want to change something in our lives, we have to alter the habits we have formed around the things we want to change. So many people desire change but lack the tools to make it happen and lack the commitment to stick to the change and make it permanent. Behaviour change is really hard!

Saving the day

This is when a health coach steps in to save the day. Medical doctors don’t have sufficient training in nutrition and lifestyle change theories. They simply don’t have the time to spend on these aspects of care. Their time is better spent on what they are trained to do medically. Most doctor consultations are only 10 to 15 minutes long. This really doesn’t allow for sufficient time to get stuck into much more then the basic medical needs a person may have: to alleviate pain and address the most important issues at hand. Thus most health care is self care, meaning that 90% of a person health care takes place at home, for example: how much you sleep, what you eat and drink, how much exercise you do and how you handle stress etc…

Effective Questioning

Health coaches are trained to work with a person basic habits and behaviours. Their powers lie in the ability to question. By asking the right questions a health coach is able to dig deeper, discovering to the real reason long term goals, with regards to  health, are not being achieved. By asking these questions, a health coach can tap into what could really motivate to achieve long lasting results.

Goal Setting

A health coach helps a person create achievable goals: long term, weekly and daily. They hold the person accountable to these goals and cheer them on when they achieve them. These are game changing tactics which have lasting effects on a persons health. The bad habits slowly melt away and are replaced with the new changes and a feeling of success. The common saying ” Rome wasn’t built in a day” comes to mind here. We become so stuck in our lives, taking that all important first step is just too hard, the journey too long and insurmountable.

The power is in your hands…

These basic changes are so much easier to achieve than it sounds. In todays challenging world, 80% of all health problems could be avoided by making some very simple changes. A few tweaks to our daily food consumption could reduce dependency on some medications and take an enormous amount of pressure off the medical doctors. Health coaches are the secret ingredient to creating this shift and form a vital tool in the medical worlds arsenal against disease. Sustainable change achieved with bespoke, supported programs is a game changer. Nobody can do it alone and health coaching can provide that all important connection and support needed to get started. Make the change and contact a health coach. The powers are in your hands.