10 Days of being a Mermaid

Moraira is on the Costa Blanca coast of Spain, a truly beautiful place to hide away from the world and be a mermaid.

Sun, blue skies, crystal clear sea water, plenty of fish chasing your bubbles is the perfect environment to be a mermaid for 10 days

Despite working while travelling we took every opportunity to be in the sea and keep active. We succeeded in swimming right across the bay, hiking up the mountain to see the castle turret at the top and see the most spectacular coastal cliffs. We rented some kayaks and rowed across the bay to explore the caves on the other side of the bay. Renting a boat being beyond our budget and ridiculously over priced, we decided to explore the sea with our goggles. Watching the fish chase our water bubbles during our early morning swims, almost as if they were in a hurry to drop the kids at school was a pure delight. I think I must have been a mermaid in my other life.

Immersing yourself in nature is the best anti depressant.

About Moraira


Moraira is on the Costa Blanca in Spain and was once a small fishing town. It has the most perfect backdrop of gorgeous mountains and is a combination of rocky and sandy beaches alternating with intriguing coves. The water is warm and clear and safe for swimming.  It has an amazing connection to the Moors dating back to the 1200’s and this is reflected in the architecture of the buildings. The Moraira area is famous for the growing of the muscatel grape for wine making. With strict municipal laws and planning regulations there are no high rise apartment buildings right on the beach lending the town to have a much more rustic laid back feel than the rest of the coast of Spain.

A great area for hiking

Torre del Cap d’Or situated at top the rocky outcrop called Cap d’Or overlooking the beach called Playa del Portet, the tower, which Felipe II ordered built in the 16th century, was once part of the local surveillance system. It kept guard over the entire bay against attacks by Corsairs and Berbers, sounding the alarm in Teulada and neighbouring villages whenever danger threatened. A stunning hike to get the blood flowing but definitely do this hike in the early morning in the summer.

Travelling can take its toll on your health, if you aren’t careful and mindful of what you eat and drink. It is all too easy to over-indulge, consuming way too many treats and drinks just because you can.

As we are watching our budget and always looking for the markets and cheaper healthier eats, saving our eat-outs for the weekends, we are able to eat a healthy diet day to day. Making sure we eat enough greens and good protein helps to keep our energy up to able to work all day and play in the sea in between.

I love looking for the most local foods, which are always more affordable. It has been a little more of a challenge finding a market in Moraira so we have relied on the little supermarkets. I don’t think we did too badly. We do have a challenging entourage, with my daughter being a vegan and both of us gluten intolerant!

Isn’t it lucky having a chef in the party!

Quick tasty homemade meals

Nachos and chicken

A super easy nachos with roasted chicken, guacamole, tomatoes and chopped lettuce. Without the cream and too many nachos the dish is very easy to knock together and it is filled with fresh ingredients.

Roast chicken pieces with quinoa salad and rocket

A fresh salad made with a ready made quinoa (saves time) mixed with, baby spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, sautéed onion and some of the delicious pimento peppers from the area. Rocket and a piece of roast chicken complete this meal.

Overnight soaked oats and chia pudding

Gluten free oats soaked overnight in almond milk with chia seeds makes for a quick breakfast. Topped with fresh chopped peach and pecan nuts, this breakfast is healthy and keeps you going all morning.

Cashew cream pasta penne with tomatoes

This quick supper consists of a cashew cream blended with tomatoes, peppers and onions. I combined this sauce with baby artichokes from a jar, fresh baby tomatoes and capers. Topped it with a rocket salad and you have a delicious dinner packed with a surprising amount of vegetables.

Prawn rice salad

Simple ingredients combined make a quick dinner. Prawns, onions, broccoli, red peppers and fresh tomatoes with cooked rice, combined with a chilli, olive oil dressing is delicious.

Chicken, pimento peppers, cucumbers with a lentil rice mix

A bit of a throw it all together meal. Roast chicken pieces, dry fried pimento peppers, cucumber and avocado with a lentil rice mix combined with pan fried baby tomatoes and red peppers. Lots of green vegetables and fibre.

Delicious food eaten out and about

Salmon poke bowl

Fresh and simple, filled with loads of good vegetables. Gluten free and filling.

Seafood Paella

Classic and traditional, a Spanish paella. They bake it till it has a delicious crust on the bottom. This is always a go to if you are gluten intolerant.

Ceasar salad Spanish style

This salad was minus the croutons and anchovies, but was still delicious. Loads of fresh lettuce, chicken and tomatoes.

Fresh sardines

My ‘go to’ dinner, fresh sardines filled with fatty acids with a salad on the side.

Grilled squid

Served as a snack! Grilled in olive oil and lemon, it was tender and tasty.

Roasted cuttlefish with potatoes and salad.

A very filling dinner, cuttlefish which is a little like squid, cooked in olive oil served with pan fried potatoes and salad.

Working and playing

The new normal - working while travelling.

Despite my husband and myself having to share the same desk and space, fighting over who has to be quiet while on calls, things have been surprisingly easy. My daughter has been with us as well and has kept herself busy with the beach, yoga, reading and learning Spanish. We make a great travel team and it has been lovely spending these precious months with her before she heads off to study and get on with her life. I think travelling and working could become my new normal (as long as the wifi is good)

Next Stop – Granada – watch this space to catch up with the next adventure…