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This is an amazing chat/exploratory session where you gain the following benefits:


  1. Leave you feeling excited about your health and weight 
  2. Bring you peace of mind about the road going forward
  3. Will leave you feeling calm inside as you are not alone in your journey to good health

Why you need a health and weight loss coach?



Most diets fail because we don't change out inner dialogue and our emotional drivers. Although our reasons for wanting to lose weight may vary, at the heart of it we are all the same: We want to feel healthy, attractive and have the freedom to our live's life to the fullest.

Setting weekly action plans and agreeing the steps you will take with your weight loss coach will keep you moving forward. Your weight loss coach will help you overcome those barriers and limiting beliefs, keeping you focussed and motivated to get through each week. With a weight loss coach you will find the whole journey of weight loss and gaining health an enjoyable, relaxed, stress free experience.

What My Clients Say

Reaching their weight loss and health goals and loving life.


When I met Amanda I was in a bit of a rut health wise. I knew that I needed to do something about my diet and exercise, but lacked the motivation. It took my husband having a bit of a health scare for us to collectively seek some support.
Amanda was absolutely brilliant. She was never far out of reach for advice on products, labels, ingredients, portion sizes etc. She made the process simple and easy to follow. The weekly catch up check in’s were also invaluable to ensure that we didn’t deviate too far from the end goal.
Although I have not quite achieved the results I was aiming for, they are within reach, and not totally impossible. My husband, on the other hand, has far exceeded his expectations on the program. I would definitely recommend doing it as a family, because there’s nothing more difficult or frustrating than trying to get your physical health and mental motivation on a particular course when you’re doing it alone. My whole family has bought into the program.
I would highly recommend Amanda. 
Weight loss coach


My health was average to good but I had health niggles that were bothering me i.e. slow bowel, bloating, feeling tired all the time and I needed some fine tuning and advice to help me adjust my eating habits and make positive changes to my health/body and set up for a healthier future. It’s been easy working with Amanda and very interesting, with constant gentle coaching and positive challenges helping me see good choices and how they can help me. In just 3 weeks I’ve lost 2.7kgs just by tweaking some habits and a big part of this is making sure I have my 2 snacks with protein to keep me going.  It feels great to feel good, I can feel my stomach is much happier, my energy levels are increasing and I feel more clear mentally, so I will keep going with the blood sugar balancing way of eating as I only see benefit and its actually very easy to do. 100% recommend the program.  No matter what your issue is, big or small, this way of eating and thinking can help anyone feel better…so give it a go. 



Wow, what a journey! Before I met Amanda I was not in a great place with regards to my health. I was very much trundling along every day, doing my very best to look after my three young children, running around from one school run to another and having zero time for myself! I was low on energy and eating all the wrong foods or should I say barely eating at all and wondering why I would get to the end of the day and feel completely and utterly wiped out, absolutely exhausted. I felt low on energy and tired all the time, my patience was low and I was grumpy and in low spirits much of the time.

I feel I have achieved so much by following Amanda’s 8 week programme. I have a great deal more energy which has come from eating the right foods and more regularly so my blood sugars are balanced and I don’t have so many peaks and dips in my day. I am also doing my best to give myself a little more ‘me time’ in my week, something that I think will happen more and more once we are out of lockdown!

It has been really great working with Amanda and she has been an amazing life coach and support over the last couple of months. I would highly recommend Amanda’s programme to other people, especially those who want to make a change to their health/diet and the way they feel day to day. 

Andrew Blackburn

My health journey started out just before Christmas, I was overweight, suffering from indigestion after every meal, stressed and tired during the work week and not having much willingness to do much exercise on weekends. Since working with Amanda, I have had the privilege of her ability to provide expert Nutritional insight and well-being guidance in the form of weekly structured face to face sessions. The course structure helped me maintain focus on my weekly goals which tied into my long-term objectives allowing me to put in place daily activities to improve my overall wellbeing and confidence.

During the course my weight loss was consistent and gradual, I set myself the goal to lose 10Kg within the course cycle. I lost even more, and feel fantastic. The desire to eat healthy remains and the cravings for any type of processed food has disappeared. I maintain a consistent exercise routine and spend time doing this with my family enjoying the time we spend together.

This program is an enabler to a healthy lifestyle. You will stop just thinking about it from time to time. You will do it and enjoy the overall benefit of being healthy. If a healthy lifestyle is what you want in your life, then Amanda will enable you to do it.


I have been working a desk based job for 13 years. I have not had a regular work schedule over that time. Whilst I have played the odd cricket match and had spurts of doing the “gym thing” I have not undertaken regular exercise for extended periods of time over this period and whilst I have managed to contain my weight I was never making healthy choices about what and when I consumed food during my working day. I was skipping breakfasts and quite often lunches and eating between 3pm and 5pm in the afternoon before more often than not consuming a bag of crisps or equivalant on my way home. I would get home and snack before dinner which we normally have at about 8.30 to 9pm at night. During my working week I was consuming 6-8 pints as part of the social/working demands of relationship building and deal making.
I appreciated  that my lifestyle was unhealthy but it felt like it worked. As I’ve got older I have however noticed that I was retaining more of the weight fluctuation. My patience in the workplace was also shortening and whilst I had been managing on 5-6 hours sleep a night pretty well over that time I am aware that I was getting ill more regularly and taking longer to recover.

What has the process of working with me and on the program been like?

I felt encouraged from my first meeting with Amanda. She took the time to get to know me and my life style through gentle but probing questions. Her manner encouraged me to be open and feel comfortable discussing, acknowledging and accepting inconvenient truths about my lifestyle.
The programme I have been set has been realistic and achievable. I understood why I was making each change from the types of food I was consuming and the meal and snack times that we agreed on. I would not have believed that eating more frequently could improve my health but when it is the right things in the right quantities it works. The blood sugar balancing paid off and I didn’t feel hungry through the process.
The ability to be agile and flexible with the plan was a great help and meant that it fitted in to my schedule and lifestyle. This aspect definitely helped in the adoption and maintenance of the plan.
Whilst the plan was mostly around the diet improving my activity levels was also discussed and gently encouraged and I have moved from zero runs a week to 3-4.
Amanda was always encouraging and excited with and for me along our journey and it has been an absolute privilege to work with her. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
I have lost a stone over 4 months, reduced my visceral fat, developed more skeletal muscle and reduced my waist by over 5cms. I am super encouraged by the results and have had no trouble maintaining my new diet and lifestyle. I am healthier and happier. Who knew something so good could come out of lockdown!
I have raved about it to my family, my co-workers and even my in-laws! This is life changing and will have long-run benefits for my family. What is not to love or recommend? 

Professional Health Coach Online

Izabela Reszka

I would like to share with you my opinion about this diet program I was participating with Amanda. Before I start I had a lot of different health issue including my overweight (over 30BMI), lack of self-confidence, gastric problems, and problem with my feet, (posterior tibal tendon.)  I wasn’t feeling good with my weight, and wasn’t able to walk long distances due to my feet problems.         When we started working I began feeling better within myself, and could see the positive impact this diet was having on my body and mind too. Amanda is very calm, cheerful and objective person, and she was such a great support through those weeks for me. I understand that any diet should go hand by hand with psychological support, as our mental wellbeing has such a great impact on what we really want to achieve, without this we would be struggle at the very beginning. Amanda was patient and explained everything in a very easy way, so I knew what I needed to change and she gave me the tools to do that. After a month of coaching with Amanda I lost 9kg, and feel better within my body and do not have gastric problems. What is more my feet are much better, and I am able to walk again! My self esteem has gone up, as well as my energy levels, which I am proud of! I am so happy that I have ask Amanda for help, as she improved my wellbeing and my life. I will be continuing what we started at the beginning, because I know now that I can achieve anything I want. I can highly recommend this program to others with the same problems, as it’s easy to switch and you are not hungry all the time like with other diet styles.  What is more important, this kind of approach helps you not only eat healthier and loose your weight, but also synchronises your body and mind to achieve more and find  balance in health and in life.