Fish Goujons

A crunchy tasty deep fried goujon of fish perfect for a friday quick fix meal and the batter is gluten free.



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About this Recipe

By: Amanda Higgins

When I changed my diet to gluten free, the one thing I really missed was fish and chips. I didn’t even particularly like the greasy version from the fish shops and would usually end up feeling ill. Yet, I craved the salty vinegary flavour. 

When I created this recipe I loved it. The fish is protected by the crumbly batter and cooks perfectly and the bonus is I can have a big plate of fish and chips and not feel ill.

I have to be creative and wrap it up in newspaper so I feel as if I am having a takeaway.


1 cup rice flour

1 cup fine polenta flour

½ cup tapoica flour

100g crushed plain Lays chips or any gluten free potato chip

1 teaspoon salt

4/5 eggs beaten

oil for frying the fish

hake fillets or any white fish cut into goujons/strips


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Deep fat fryer or a deep cooking pot of sunflower oil set to a temperature of 170ºC

Step 2

Mix all the fours together with the salt, making sure they are well combined. Place this in an open dish. Beat your eggs and put them into another open dish. Place your crushed Lays Chips into another dish.

Step 3

Dip your pieces of fish into the egg and then roll them into the flour. Re-dip them in the egg and then roll them into the dish of crunchy crushed chips. The chips give a wonderful crunchy element to the goujon.

Step 4

Pop a few pieces of fish into the hot oil and cook until they are golden brown, approximately 8/9 minutes.

Step 5

Lay them on a paper towel to drain when they are cooked.

Serve with some hot chips and a lovely aoli ( homemade mayonnaise. )



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